Expectations ran high for the defending Super Bowl champions at the start of the 2014 NFL season, but the Seattle Seahawks were met with mounting doubt following the team's rocky early season performance, player controversies and locker room drama. Percy Harvin had to be traded early in the season to the New York Jets, rumors about Russell Wilson were constant, and Marshawn Lynch always held the attention of the media by responding to questions with silence or one of his infamous one-liners— "yeah."

Despite the team's off-field issues and a 3-3 season start, the Seahawks turned it around and began a 6-0 winning streak that led them to the NFC playoffs. By this time in the season, the Seahawks were known to be a second-half team. This would especially prove to be true in the NFC Championship game when the 'Hawks were down 19-7 in the fourth quarter against the Packers and were still able to make an unbelievable 28-22 comeback in overtime. Seattle fans went crazy, many players cried, and a few weeks later the Seahawks returned to the Super Bowl for the second time in a row, which no team had been able to pull off in over a decade. 

The Seattle Seahawks met the New England Patriots in Arizona for the final game on February 1, 2015. As many football spectators predicted, both teams showed up with full force, making it a close game. Near the end of the second half the Seahawks were down 24-28, but fans in Seattle bars kept their eyes on the screens and their fingers crossed for Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch to deliver a final touchdown. With the ball at 1-yard line in Seattle's favor, this was possible. However, the next pass from Quarterback Russell Wilson was headed directly into the end zone and intercepted by Patriot's cover man Malcolm Butler. A pass that football commentators would call one of the biggest mistakes in Super Bowl history and a play that Seattle's Head Coach Pete Carroll would forever take fault for.