Photos taken in February 2014 at Robbie Turner's home and R Place in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, where he most regularly performs. 

Robbie Turner never expected to be one of Seattle’s most popular drag queens. It was only after Turner moved back to Washington State from New York City to help take care of his sick mother that an unexpected opportunity quickly set off his career.

After his mother’s health improved, Turner made another move from his family’s farm in Centralia, WA to the state’s capitol city, Olympia. Not even two weeks after Turner had settled into his new location, one of his friends desperately asked him to fill in for a drag queen who had dropped out of a show he was hosting for a Stonewall Youth fundraiser. Turner studied theater at New York University and had experience playing female roles for a Shakespeare company, but was hesitant to fill the position. An hour later Turner's friend convinced him to give it a shot. 

“We walked into this dress shop and this sparkly, one-pieced, pantsuit was hanging in the back of the store, up on the wall, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I could be Liza Minnelli!’” 

Turner said his act was a hit and received such a positive response, that he was asked by Tacoma’s Pride Foundation to open their Pride Ceremony the following week. Not surprisingly, Seattle’s Pride Foundation was at that event and wanted Turner to also open for Seattle’s Pride Ceremony a week later. With popularity and success, Turner has been able to make performing in drag his full-time career.